Previous work

We currently write for a number of online magazines and website.  Below is a list of some of the work we have completed for your perusal.

Melissa’s Work


Author Melissa Bailey

ThinkInc website:

The ground shook as they walked: what was the largest living land animal?

Will Ebola end civilisation as we know it?

Can mobile phones really cause fires at petrol stations?

Mental health week: a personal account of post-natal depression

Recognising change: facial recognition alters evolution

3D printed vertebra fixes cancer patient’s spine

Discreet empowerment: is nail polish the answer to rape prevention?

Faith healer dies of Ebola

Jack the Ripper: has DNA uncovered his identity?

Singing planets: NASA’s sounds from space

Reducing suicidal behaviour: blood tests detect suicide gene

Eat like a Neanderthal? Introducing the Paleo diet

Spreading fear: could terrorists harness Ebola?

Mous Magazine:

Secrets of a criminologist

Lost in Goundhog Day

HIV-killing condom