Dear Mummy and Daddy…

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Dear Mum and Dad,

I love seeing your faces, in the middle of the night, when I’m awake and can’t sleep, in the morning and after my naps. You’re my favourite people.  There’s so much for me to see and learn, I can’t sleep easy knowing there’s a whole world out there unexplored by me.

I love your cuddles, your arms keep me warm and make me feel safe. Thank you for letting me explore, bit by bit, I shall venture out and learn but I’ll always come back to you.

I don’t like eating all the time, and I know it can be stressful for you. Don’t worry, I’m having as much as I need. My teeth hurt and I can’t stand solid food. Thank you for giving me milk instead. I won’t eat sultanas, but I’ll pick them out of raisin toast – they’re different right?  I’ll eat my cereal out of my truck, but not off my plate.

Sometimes I love the bath, and sometimes I’m scared of the bubbles.  They’re as tall as I am and crackle under my soft hands.  I’ll play for hours in an inch of water, but try and wash my hair and I’ll cry until you can’t stand it, and cuddle me, despite the fact that your clothes will become wet from my little slippery body.

I wake up, scared, in the night.  I can’t remember where I am, and I just need a cuddle.  I’m sorry for waking you up, you’re still my favourites.  I wake up, confused, from a daytime nap, forgetting that it’s light outside and realising I might have missed out on something really important.  Your patience at reintroducing me to the world after every nap makes me feel secure and happy, despite my whiney cry.

Mummy, I won’t hold your hand forever, and one day I’ll sleep all night.  I won’t need to nap during the day and I’ll be able to spell my own name.  Daddy, I’ll eat most things you coax into me, and one day I’ll eat more than you do.  One day I’ll walk where you want me to, and play nicely, and share… but not today.  Today, I am little and new.

Thank you for loving me, Mummy and Daddy, I love you too.




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